WiBotic Unlocks New Capabilities with Rev 13 Firmware

WiBotic has released a new version of firmware and the Control Panel software used to monitor and configure our wireless power hardware. This new version, Revision 13, makes the system easier to configure and use, and includes the following important new features:

  • Common Names for Transmitters and Onboard Chargers: The feature improves the ability to monitor individual robots and transmitters by assigning them common names, such as “Aisle 4 TR”, “Pallet Robot 2”, or “Rosie” or “Optimus Prime” – whatever you’d like!
  • Power Supply Mode – This feature configures the system to operate as a current-limited constant-voltage DC power supply for certain applications. It disables settings that are specific to battery charging, allowing for uninterrupted DC power output.  This feature is particularly useful for robots that already have an onboard battery charger or for applications that need a fixed voltage input and can benefit from the seamless operation of a wireless supply instead of a tethered or benchtop supply. Unlike benchtop power supplies, wireless power supplies require that the load current ramps up gradually, or the system will voltage limit. It is therefore important to consider how quickly the load consumes power when using this feature.
  • High Temperature Charging: The new firmware also addresses a top safety concern for robot operators, safe battery charging at high ambient temperatures. New high-temperature charging safeguards keep the system from charging a battery if the OC senses the ambient temperature is greater than 45C – the maximum safe charging temperature for most Lithium battery chemistries. This feature can be disabled by the operator in situations where the OC is in a different location than the battery.

Additional “behind the scenes” improvements with the firmware include more rapid and reliable reading and writing of log files to the transmitter’s SD card; logging of additional metadata related to the charge cycle; and radio communication improvements between the transmitter and OC for better communications reliability.

Customers can take advantage of these updates today by navigating to the “Update” menu in the WiBotic Control Panel and clicking on the “Check for Updates” button.