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Fleet-wide wireless charging and power optimization

WiBotic wireless charging solutions can greatly enhance the working efficiency of your robot fleets and significantly reduce your company's charging and maintenance costs.

Our solutions include wireless charging and power optimization software. So we not only maximize the battery life of each battery we charge, we create an operational plan for the entire collection of batteries in your robot fleet.

WiBotic wireless charging and power optimization solutions are safe, reliable and scalable. And they are easy-to-implement and highly customizable for specific robot deployments.


Power Optimization

Monitoring and optimizing battery performance is critical to robot fleet performance – particularly as batteries age and their charge/discharge characteristics change.



WiBotic delivers the power behind autonomous operations. If your aerial drones need a quick charge upon landing, mobile robots need to repower in multiple locations, or marine vehicles need watertight power delivery, WiBotic has the answer. In fact, any general industrial application needing non-contact, robust, fail-proof power delivery can benefit from our solutions. Click on a market below to learn more.

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"WiBotic wireless charging technology is a key component in the AERO integrated aerial enterprise and the WiBotic PowerPad performs beyond our expectations."


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