WiBotic Kits provide an easy-to-install solution for adding autonomous charging to many popular robots.

Kits Available from WiBotic and Our Partners

WiBotic works with robot and Underwater Autonomous Vehicle (UAV) Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to create customized, and sometimes private-labelled, versions of our autonomous wireless charging systems. Check out the solutions below for examples of how our technology enables true autonomy for these popular robots and UAVs. These solutions are typically purchased through our partners, but in some cases are available directly from WiBotic. We also offer a new UAV Landing Pad design guide to help UAV OEMs and integrators build complete solutions for end users. Read on for more details!

Waypoint Robotics

One of our earliest OEM customers and a great WiBotic partner, Waypoint offers our wireless charging technology in their EnZone charging station and onboard the Vector robot. Follow the link below and explore the Waypoint/Locus Robotics website to learn more about what Waypoint is offering and to see how WiBotic integrates and improves automation.

Clearpath Robotics

Clearpath offers ready-made WiBotic wireless charging solutions for the Jackal and Husky Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs). These kits can be ordered separately and retrofitted to existing robots or ordered with new robots as a fully integrated package. Explore the Clearpath website to learn more about their products and how WiBotic is setting the standard for autonomous charging in UGVs.

Ubiquity Magni

WiBotic has developed a mounting kit and transmitter station that easily adds fully autonomous charging to the Magni robot. Both low and high power versions of the kits are available directly from WiBotic. Explore Ubiquity Robotics to learn more about how WiBotic collaborates with other robotics companies to raise efficiency and offer the greatest personalization and kit options available.

BlueHalo IntenseEye UAV

WiBotic has partnered with Blue Halo to provide a fully integrated wireless charging system for the IntenseEye Version 2 quadcopter. This is a 750mm quadcopter designed for commercial and defense applications, the IEV2 supports multiple payload options for a wide range of applications. WiBotic’s Onboard Charger is built into the body of the UAV and a custom-designed mounting bracket allows for click-on installation of the receiver antenna.  Contact us for more information!

PowerPad Design Guide

The WiBotic PowerPad Design Guide is a complimentary set of documentation for customers who wish to design a drone landing pad or hangar with autonomous battery charging between flights. It provides an overview of the necessary WiBotic components and installation guidelines to ensure optimal performance.  Many of our customers have already designed their own systems to take advantage of WiBotic wireless charging, and we’re here to help if you’d like to do the same. For a free copy of the guide, simply use the Contact Us button to send us your request.