Aerial Applications

WiBotic provides UAV solutions for industries ranging from mining, to delivery and logistics, to inspection, and beyond.

“WiBotic wireless charging technology is a key component in the AERO integrated aerial enterprise.”

— Joel Ratner, AERO Corporation

Make your UAVs truly autonomous

WiBotic’s autonomous battery charging hardware and fleet energy management software combine to provide true UAV autonomy in applications where “readiness-to-fly” and/or extended range are critical. 

Key benefits of wireless power for UAV applications include:

  • Waterproof design:  IP67 antenna coils remain fully sealed in the landing pad and on the UAV for operation in any weather
  • Interoperability:  The same landing pad/hangar can serve different types of drones, even those with different voltage batteries
  • Durability:  Unlike physical copper contacts that can bend/break, corrode, or just wear out, wireless power systems can provide an unlimited number of reliable charging cycles.  No maintenance required!

WiBotic currently provides integration consulting services and wireless charging hardware to customers developing UAV landing pads or hangars for a range of applications – including construction, agriculture, inspection, and security etc. 

We offer years of engineering experience and detailed reference designs to help our partners rapidly develop the exact solutions they need – from battery charging to autonomous data offloading and data back-haul from remote locations.  Contact us for an in-depth overview of our services.

Landing pad design services available

Learn how your robots and UAVs can charge ahead!

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We champion customers developing drone hangar solutions with WiBotic technology. They are the heroes. We keep them charging ahead.

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