WiBotic adds Gtt NetCorp as strategic reseller partner for Mexico and Latin America

October 26, 2021 – Seattle, WA –  Today, WiBotic Inc., a leader in advanced autonomous charging and fleet energy management solutions for the rapidly expanding ecosystem of aerial, mobile, marine, and space robots announced that Gtt NetCorp, Inc. will be amongst the first partners authorized to resell WiBotic solutions and will represent WiBotic products in Mexico and Latin America.

Through the agreement, Gtt NetCorp will be authorized to resell all WiBotic commercial products, including those commonly used to charge – or top off – UAV and mobile robot batteries after each use.  This capability opens the door for fully autonomous operation of robots in general, and aerial robots in particular, across a wide range of applications.

“We’re excited to begin offering WiBotic solutions through selected resellers to support accelerated demand for our products,” said Ben Waters, WiBotic CEO.  “Welcoming Gtt NetCorp as our partner for Mexico and Latin America will help us grow in the region. Their combination of technical expertise and experience working with ISR, Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Counter-intelligence (C4/C5) organizations provides both the technical background and customer relationships that will be important for us moving forward.”

WiBotic’s wireless charging technology lets UAVs and robots move from charging station to charging station regardless of the battery type, voltage, or size.  For aerial robotics, this capability allows for permanently deployed and unmanned landing pads and is particularly beneficial for customers involved in security, surveillance, agriculture, building construction, or other industries where daily aerial robots flights are required.

Industries using mobile robots also benefit from WiBotic technology as warehouses and industrial facilities transition to robots for fulfillment, delivery, inspection, and security applications.  Because there is no physical contact between the docking station and the battery powered robot, an unlimited number of charging cycles is possible with no human maintenance needs.  The system can also be fully sealed and has no exposed contact points to break or wear out, making it perfect for outdoor applications or those in wet, dirty or corrosive environments.

In addition to charging hardware, WiBotic recently released Commander, a new Fleet Energy Management software product that allows monitoring, control, and optimization of the charging process for fleets of  autonomous robots.

“We are very excited about our partnership with WiBotic and our representation of their technology innovations.  With this partnership, Gtt NetCorp adds the ability to deliver fully autonomous geospatial robotics (aerial, terrestrial, and maritime) solutions.  This is an important step towards the holy grail of autonomous intelligent robotics operations – the evolution of “dumb” drones into intelligent aerial robots.”, said Dr. Armando Guevara, Gtt NetCorp CEO/CTO.

WiBotic will selectively add reseller partners in the coming months to include more companies  with deep UAV and mobile robotics expertise in selected geographic markets.


About WiBotic, Inc.

WiBotic provides autonomous charging and fleet energy management solutions for the rapidly growing ecosystem of aerial, mobile, marine and space robotics. Its products help companies optimize the uptime of robot fleets and are an integral component of fully autonomous robotic operations. WiBotic works with companies in a variety of industries. For more information, please go to: www.wibotic.com

About Gtt NetCorp

Gtt NetCorp (“GttN”) integrates and delivers innovative geospatial robotics and intelligent imaging solutions with significant aggregate value that contributes to digital transformation’s processes optimization. We focus on converting imagery, to information, to intelligence, “the spatial enabling of information” – our mantra since 1997. With more than 25 years of experience in integrating and selling imaging and geospatial robotics solutions, GttN has been the No.1 provider of satellite imagery and Geospatial Robotics applications in Mexico and LATAM for ISR (Defense, Public Safety, and Industrial Security), AEC (Infrastructure Monitoring & Inspection; vertical assets AR/VR modeling), Precision Agriculture (Agave, Avocado) and Engineering Precision Base Mapping (2D/3D). For more information visit www.GttNetCorp.com and www.GeoDrones.com.


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