WiBotic transmitters (TRs) convert standard wall power into a wireless power signal for transmission to the robot. The TR-302 is WiBotic’s newest 300 Watt transmitter, with the ability to deliver high power into a wide range of applications. Most often used for larger UAVs and mobile robots, the TR-302 can be mounted on a wall (antenna mounted separately) or used with WiBotic’s optional floor stand. Its metal enclosure includes flanges for easy installation, an LCD display for system messages, LED indicator lights to show system status and a built-in Ethernet port. The standard TC-200 transmitter antenna attaches via a short coaxial cable and is mounted separately.

The TR-302 supports all WiBotic Onboard Chargers but is typically paired with the OC-251, OC-262s, and OC-301.

Input Voltage 90-264V AC (DC versions also available)
Input Receptacle IEC320-C14
Input Frequency 50-60Hz
TR Enclosure Type All Metal
Data Port Ethernet (RJ45)
Enclosure Dimensions 12.6″ x 5.7″ x 3.8″ (320mm x 147mm x 95mm)
Power Delivery Up to 300W to the battery with any WiBotic Onboard Charger