TR-302 Edge

WiBotic transmitters (TRs) convert standard wall power into a wireless power signal for transmission to the robot. The TR-302 Edge is WiBotic’s high power weatherproof Transmitter for applications requiring up to 300W.  Ideal for outdoor mobile robots or those used in hazardous indoor environments, the TR-302 Edge is IP-54 rated with a gasketed polycarbonate enclosure and filtered ventilation. Unlike standard WiBotic transmitters which have a separate antenna, the Edge’s antenna is included and is mounted inside the IP-54 enclosure behind the visible Wibotic “W” logo. This makes the Edge a single unit that can be easily wall-mounted or used with our optional floor stand. LED indicator lights provide system status, and the built-in Ethernet port allows external systems to monitor and control the charging process using WiBotic’s browser-based Control Panel software or APIs.

The TR-302 can be paired with all WiBotic Onboard Chargers, including the OC-150, OC-251, OC-262s, and the OC-301.

Input Voltage 90-264V AC (DC versions also available)
Input Receptacle IEC320-C14
Input Frequency 50-60Hz
TR Enclosure Type Polycarbonate – IP54 rated
Data Port Ethernet (RJ45)
Enclosure Dimensions 390mm Wide x 425mm Tall x 222mm Deep
Power Delivery Up to 300W to the battery with higher power OCs