Introducing Commander

Powerful robot energy management software to remotely command your entire fleet, all in one place.

Keep an eye on your fleet

Commander gives you a birds eye view of your entire robot fleet, showing you a visual display of charger availability and status. Over time, Commander displays which chargers are being utilized more than others, so you can optimize your charger placement to maximize robot opportunity charging and uptime.

Installation is easy, too. Once installed, Commander auto-discovers all transmitters and robots, so there’s no time-consuming manual entry.

Discover problems before they happen

Robot downtime is expensive not only on the hardware side, but productivity-wise too. Commander analyses battery performance over time and predicts failures before they happen, so you can avoid expensive downtime costs.

Commander also gives you the ability to set up personalized charging notifications, so you can act quickly if something goes wrong.

Finally, Commander benchmarks battery performance across different chemistries and vendors to help you make more informed decisions over time.

Extend battery life with dynamic configuration management

Commander is a one stop shop for adjusting charge settings and pushing updates across your whole fleet, maximizing your productivity.

Specifically, Commander helps you protect your battery health by letting you adjust the charge speed based on your robot’s schedule. It also automatically adjusts float voltage when 100% charge isn’t necessary.

Harness the power of Commander with our easy-to-use API

Our RESTful API returns JSON, and conforms to OpenAPI 3 for easy integration with a wide variety of tools; letting you quickly try out API calls through our user-friendly interface. All data seen in Commander is accessed by calling the API, which means that if you see it in Commander, you can tie it in to the rest of your workflow. Commander can also keep track of separate registered user accounts.