PowerPad Pro

WiBotic PowerPad Pro is an IP54 rated UAV landing platform that can be used as a stand-alone device or easily integrated into an existing hangar or other UAV storage facility. PowerPad Pro automatically charges drones after landing using wireless power instead of physical contact points, making it impervious to short circuits or failed charge cycles due to water, dirt/dust or corrosive environments.

Furthermore, PowerPad Pro automatically offloads data from Pixhawk-based drones for processing on the pad’s built-in industrial computer, or for back haul to customer premises or the cloud. The same data link allows users to remotely upload new flight plans on a moment’s notice

The system is perfect for applications where UAVs are deployed for long periods of time or where they need to move from platform to platform to cover large geographic areas.  Uses include power line and pipeline inspection, construction site monitoring,  agricultural analysis on large farms, or defense deployments where swapping batteries and collecting SD cards can expose personnel to hostile fire.

Purchases of PowerPad Pro include the onboard charger equipment for the UAV itself as well as WiBotic integration support and training

Input Voltage 90-264V AC  (48VDC versions also available)
Input Receptacle IEC320-C14
Input Frequency 50-60Hz
Enclosure Type Powder coated aluminum with phenolic resin landing surface.  Poly-carbonate electronics enclosure
Data Port Ethernet (RJ45) + Optional wireless data back-haul
PowerPad Pro Dimensions 48″ x 48″ x 15″ (1217mm x 1217mm x 384mm)
Power Delivery Up to 300W to any UAV